Thursday, August 9, 2018

Political Dump


Mark Matis said...

I hate to break this to you, but a large number of hive dwellers in this country agree with Mad Maxine and the rest of the Democrats. And so do the Koch-sucking Rove Republicans.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

While I'd not be too shocked if Mad Maxine, Chuck You, Fauxcahontas, and Cory the Book did say those things, in fact they did not. Satirical stuff from various sources. Still, I'd not be shocked.

Anonymous said...

I don't like it when either side perpetuates false news stories .....stand for truth

capt fast said...

I disagree with "truth". stand for facts and let me be the judge of truth in my own time. news organs are all prejudiced by their own opinions and cannot hold back from uttering their opinions it is human nature. the purpose of editors in news print was to hold reporters and writers to that standard of reporting and writing FACTS and shining light into the darkened abscesses of politics. as i say, just my opinion.
mind you, auntie maximillian, er...maxine was assured by cnn producer that that statement was wiped.
spoiler alert-rant coming!
imagine that the original constitution had to be amended so much. it wasn't a good document at first and so some one sat there and asked themselves what our country would be like in 250 years if thing were left as it was. who was that person? what was their personal experience in life that led him to conceive the first amendment. would anyone alive today have any experience in their life to be able to compare with that level of distrust in government in order to put the first amendment into writing and have all the other signers attest and affirm it?
and libtards and other socialists think this is a bad thing. now i know why i am turning libertarian in my old age.if this country is so terrible to be in why are so many breaking down the fences to get in? do libtards and other socialists honestly believe other countries are so much better off than ours? do libtards and other socialists believe the illegal immigrants come here to help turn our country into what those immigrants ran away from? most of our ancestors came from different places for a better life so i can't blame immigrants for their desire.
consider the experience of the Russian people in the last two centurirs. they have gone from one extreme to another to another to another. from a despotic monarchy to a socialist welfare state to a despotic communistic state to a criminal mob controlled state. where would our country be today if not for the first amendment backed up by the second amendment and the political leaders willing to abide by the rule of law and not just mouthed platitudes and sorrow at their failures.
my abject apologizes for the rant but sometimes it is better to air out the sheets than to lay in the stink.