Saturday, August 4, 2018

DEW Lasers Confirmed Again


Anonymous said...

Whoever generated this video obviously has never spent time on the fireground. He is a basement pud trying to justify his existence. His explaination for this phenom is so far off base.....why did the fire stop at those houses? Maybe because the fire department was there to put out the fire. The car burning and not the bushes? Heh, "the energy to start the car on fire...", is his own warped grade school scientific mind. Yep, I've seen that numerous times. The fella making this video is a simple minded twit that is trying to make sense of stuff; that he hasn't experienced. Maybe he needs to get out of his basement and start to live.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, strange how the car burned. Hot enough to break out the windows and melt the tires. Must have been a huge amount of energy concentrated on the car and NOT on the surrounding trees or bushes. It MUST have been a directed energy weapon of very highly focused light. NOTHING could have done that much damage in that focused of a location. It would have taken as much energy as 10-20 gallons of gasoline! And where could that much energy come from to burn the car if not a directed energy weapon?

MSG Grumpy

Leonard Jones said...

Back in about 1979, I was working on an air compressor at Aerojet General in the
Chino Hills. Some moron accidentally started a fire on the only open road down
the hill. Seeing that there was no other alternative, we had to cut a lock on
a gate and drive out on hiking trails on the other side. There was no possibility
of shelter because the buildings were filled with about 300,000 30mm cannon shells
and tons of plastic explosives.

When we returned several days later, the hill was totally burned, but every time
the fire came close to a building, the wind changed direction. This is nothing
more than a natural phenomenon. It's called wind!