Sunday, July 8, 2018

Morning Coffee

You have bakers that refuse to make a cake for a gay couple and are threatened with imprisonment.

Hollywood nut jobs threaten to harm POTUS and there are no repercussions.
Hopefully Trump Derangement Syndrome will mutate into a fatal disease.

This really is a twisted world we are living in.

The rule of law is dead.


Mike said...

I truly believe that the uber-left brown shirts WILL get their comeuppance one day.

Mark Matis said...

The people who will gather for Songbird McShame's funeral are birds of a feather. Sure would be a shame if a newer more fatal version of Legionnaire's Disease would run rampant at that event.

Anonymous said...

I thought the funeral was where the line started. He needs an urinal shaped headstone.

Mark Matis said...

Actually, whoever gets the toilet paper concession for his grave site is going to be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams! At least, as long as he doesn't run out of product...