Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back To Business

Relax everyone, I am back on the scene. I just spent some time up in NJ tuna fishing off of the coast. Boated a bunch of fish and enjoyed some fresh tuna steaks and some quality time with old friends. It was nice to unplug for a week without the electronics. On my way back home to West Palm Beach I stopped in a Cracker Barrel in South Carolina for a meal. I ordered two blackened catfish fillets and some veggies. The waitress was a little suprised after I told her I did not want any of the bisquits or potatoes which came with the dinner. Trying to drop some pounds on the Atkins diet and I am watching my blood sugar. I told her that bisquits and potatoes go right to my hips and that I am trying to lose some pounds. The Waitress said that I did not look heavy at all. Now the Chief Nose Wetter is 6'2" and 315lbs. After looking around at the other customers and staff in this Dixie Cracker Barrel I looked her in the eye and said, Honey, you may be correct on this one.

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Lance o Lot said...

The Cracker Barrell in Manassas, Va., Easter morning was the first place my Filipina wife ever saw more than fifty 300+ lb women in one place. I told her that for dinner, we should go across the street to Golden Corral, explaining that we'd see the 400 pounders there!