Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Black Screen of Death Update

I finally decided to trash the 3 year old Samsung and buy a new TV. After a few cold ones I was off to the local Best Buy. There must of been over 50 TVs there varying in price from $100 to 7K. So I am standing there trying to make a decision while being bombarded by Hollywood pedophiles on big screens in high definition. Talk about a buzz killer. If Brokeback Mountain was on I would of hightailed it out of there. So finally a salesman approached me to assist in my decision. My first question to him was if he was a Jehovah Witness. He said no and I said that we will get along fine as long as he does not listen to Marie Osmond. He laughed and I asked him which brand he recommended for reliability. His response was " You can't go wrong with a Samsung". As I started to laugh I told him my last Samsuck TV lasted just over 3 years and then became blacker than a Black Lives Matter protest. Jamaal said man that is black. With planned obsolescence built into TVs these days it does not pay to lay out hard earned bucks for something that is designed to fail. So there it was a Sharp 43" on sale for $249.00. The box said it has "Roku" built in. I turned to Jamaal and said WTF is "Roku"? It sounds like a Chinese lunch special? He said it was some kind of web based program with apps. I don't know, I just want to watch fucking TV. Bought, installed and working now. Just have to find the code for my Cable company remote and sync things up. Off for another glass of wine. Thanks for everyones input. 

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Anonymous said...

I bought my third flat-screen POS T.V. just for one room today. I've bought 5 of them over the past 2-years, just to have something to listen too.

If you're getting 3+years out of any "modern" T.V., consider yourself to be blessed by the T.V. maintenance gods!

It's gotten to the point that I now keep at least one (sometimes more) supplemental flat-screen T.V's. (new-in-the-box)just waiting for the trade-out. Extremely discounted items only.

I still have 2 used up 49-inchers leaned-up against my bedroom wall waiting for me to haul them out to the garbage.