Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Coming To a City Near You

Detroit and New Orleans are quickly becoming examples of a city under total surveillance. How can you prevent your hometown from becoming a Surveillance State?
New reports on the increasing amount of surveillance conducted by police in New Orleans and Detroit are causing concern among local residents. The Interceptrecently reported on the $40 million surveillance grid being erected in the city under the guise of a “public safety plan.” This plan includes a massive closed-circuit camera system, as well as automatic license plate readers and a city ordinance requiring owners of bars and liquor stores to install cameras outside their businesses. Despite a lack of evidence showing that the surveillance programs actually reduce crime, city officials are pushing forth with little oversight.  Read More>>>

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bogsidebunny said...

Well, considering the denizens who prowl those 2 bastions of depravity, maybe PBS and Ken Burns are making a documentary on the urbanization of the simian species.