Friday, November 16, 2018

FL Recount Update

The Democratic vote recount....

The Republican vote recount.....

California Compliant

Don't Let Them Flu You

Flu season is upon us again — the time of year when the steady message is "Have you gotten your flu shot yet?" Considering the many studies showing flu vaccines offer minimal protection against illness even when well-matched to circulating viral strains, the fact that vaccination continues to be touted as your first line of defense against influenza suggests this annual campaign is more about generating conformity for profit rather than actually improving and protecting public health.  Read More>>>

Stirring The Racial Pot

Brown Shirt Chimp Out

A FL Vote Re-counter In Action

Sorry Sir The Position Has Ben Filled

ADRENOCHROME The Elite’s Super Drug

What is Adrenochrome?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

House of Tards

The Criminals Are Running The Asylum These Days

Mickey Mouse Takes a Bath

Afternoon Strangeness

FemiNazi Chimp Out

This Will Make All LEOs Shed a Tear

Food Shopping At A Beijing Supermarket?

Florida Logic


It Aint Holy Water

Hat tip to T Dog

Advanced Notice On 9/11?

Why Prole Long Things

Paid Protest Clearer

Public Education

As Least Buy Molson Golden Buddy

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Late Night Chuckle

An Irishman's Insight On Africa

Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster. The current drought is not the worst in 50 years, as the BBC and all the aid organizations claim. It is nothing compared to the droughts in 1960/61 or 73/74. And there are continuing droughts every 5 years or so.

It's just that there are now four times the population; having been kept alive by famine relief, supplied by aid organizations, over the past 50 years. So, of course, the effects of any drought now, is a famine. They cannot even feed themselves in a normal rainfall year. Worst yet, the effects of these droughts, and poor nutrition in the first 3 years of the a child's life, have a lasting effect on the development of the infant brain, so that if they survive, they will never achieve a normal IQ. Consequently, they are selectively breeding a population who cannot be educated, let alone one that is not being educated; a recipe for disaster.  Read More>>>

The Latest From Jersey


Oh My

Bouncer Throws 3 Women To The Ground Who Were Attacking Him

Out Of The Way Alfred Damn It

Hey Dude

The State Bird Of CA These Days

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Hunger Games

Tonight's Question

Sign Of The Times

Just Like Uranium....Deadly

Obey The Law

And Who Says The News Is Fake....Nonsense

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation


Except Showing Your Faces

Mommy may ground you for a week.....

What Kind Of Sorcery Is This?

Social Media Will Kill You

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Tranny Granny

Thanks Betty

The New Dark Ages

Never Forgotten

Anyone For An Encore?

Sunday Chuckle

Common Core Ballot Counting

Morning Treat

Live From Paradise California

Anyone Have a Compass?

The Master Plan

F'ing Millennials I Swear

Who Ordered Well Done?

To Any Snowflakes Who Have Stopped By This Blog

I'm In The Mood For Baked Potatoes

As The Holiday Season Approaches