Saturday, September 9, 2017

Going Zero Dark Thirty

The wind is gusting up to around 40 mph now. There is a curfew in place for Palm Beach County as of 3pm. I will likely be shuttered up until Monday morning. The power will likely go out during the evening sometime. Best of luck to all the people along the west coast and Florida in general. It appears they will take it in the teeth by Irma. Plenty of food, water, and supplies here. I just hope my sliders do not blow out. We will see. Stay well everyone.

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Doom said...

Assuming you survive, uhrm, which I do, if you are in need just say. Can't help with yachts, or even replace a jakuzi(sp?), but I could get you a ticket to a kind... or deserving... relative . :p You and the othes are in my prayers. Duck!