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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Practice Up Captain....This Is No Drill

Rude fat lady gets what she deserves

Banks Never Loan Money Explained

Offshore on the Lightning Shack


Sure, the ruling elite’s planned world takeover with its increasingly encroaching psychopathic control system has to be up there as one of humanity’s greatest threats. However, isn’t the ignorance and apathy shown by the majority in the populace: The sleeping masses, allowing unhindered progress of this control system, planned to make us acquiesce into one enslaved subservient entity, an even bigger threat?  Read More>>>

Socialism: Thick Lipstick On a Global Pig

To give you an idea of the deception inherent in socialism, here is a quote from none other than Andrew Carnegie, once one of the richest men in America:
“I believe Socialism is the grandest theory ever presented, and I am sure it will someday rule the world. Then we will have attained the Millennium…Then men will be content to work for the general welfare and share their riches with their neighbors.” (The New York Times, 1 January 1885, “A Millionaire Socialist”)
Carnegie, of course, like several of his ultra-rich compatriots, devised a method to give away his riches while keeping them: the non-profit foundation.
The last thing on Carnegie’s bloated mind was becoming “equal” with the great unwashed.  Read More>>>

Nice To See Race Relations Improving

Texas Looting

Damn illegals are even stealing grandma....

Texans Still Taking It On The Chin

It Aint Holy Water

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

False Prophet


Monday, August 28, 2017


If you take a critical and close look at what's happening in America, just following the dots, you will soon discover that events EVERYWHERE are screaming out that destruction and terror are about to fall like a nuclear bomb upon our land.

All of the signs of an impending socialist take-over are clearly in place. Every move that our government is making telegraph the fact that the United States of America will soon be transformed into some kind of Socialist State of America.

All those who are running this governmental administration are working behind the scenes — at break-neck speed — to prepare the country for martial law with the forced military take-over of America.  Read More>>>

Highlights of Alt-Left / AntiFa Violence at Berkeley 'Rally Against Hate...

You Know It's Serious When The KFC Hits The Garbage

A Painful Death To Them All

Stay Positive Texas

Now turn the god damn breakers off......

Spot On

Praise To All The Hard Working LEOs In Texas

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Marines Letter To The NFL

Mom Blogger Throws Down On Sexualization Of Kids

Thieves Use Forklift To Steal ATM From First Service Bank In Arkansas

Damn Gypsies

Nuff Said


Just To Be Clear

A Sinister War on Our Right to Hold Cash

An operation that began as a seemingly obscure academic discussion three years ago is now becoming a full-blown propaganda campaign by some of the most powerful institutions in the industrialized world. This is what rightly should be termed the War on Cash. Like the War on Terror, the War on Cancer or the War on Drugs, its true agenda is sinister and opaque. If we are foolish enough to swallow the propaganda for complete elimination of cash in favor of pure digital bank money, we can pretty much kiss our remaining autonomy and privacy goodbye. George Orwell’s 1984 will be here on steroids.   Read More>>>

Harvey Continues To Terrorize The Population

What Kind Of New Urinal Is This?

It blew piss all over me.....

Truth In Advertising

Sign Of The Times

Top Fuel

Bingo For Snowflakes

Declare George Soros a Terrorist

Sign the petition.....HERE

Detroit In Vitro Fertilization

Attention All Texans

Oh No Canada

Canada has introduced a third gender option for its passports, available to citizens starting next Thursday, in a move intended to protect the rights of Canadians who choose not identify as male or female.
The new "X" option is part of a government-wide effort to "protect Canadians in their right to the gender identity of their choice, and freedom of gender expression," according to the official statement from Canada's immigration department.  Read More>>>

Friday, August 25, 2017

Harvey Raising Hell

Afternoon Chuckle


Thursday, August 24, 2017