Sunday, July 30, 2017

There is an Underworld

I’m following the collapse of the Empire, or, like Alia in the sci-fi classic Dune, I have been keeping pace with the storm. It looks like the US President may possibly be aware of the depth of depravity: how filthy and vile is the swamp. I pray that he has what it takes inside to deal with the worst of it.
But, even if the truth is hidden from him, or he is too distracted with himself to see and hear, or he is compromised or corrupted, the uncovering will continue. It is driven by people – those who are not concerned with sides, but with the grandchildren.
The Empire is desperate to impeach the President. I wonder how this will work out…
Like I said, people are gaining courage. Many who are working in the swamp hate what they are tied into. Now that they see a possible way out, they leak information and data – greater and greater is the flow.  MORE>>>

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