Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Wawa Blues

So what is all the hype with Wawa? Everytime one opens in south Florida people go nuts for their mediocre subs and cheap gas.

The Chief Nose Wetter pulled into gas up yesterday because he was running on E and decided to pick up a pack of butts. The old stomach started to growl so I decided to pick up a sandwich. The order station is a computer touch screen:

So instead of asking someone what I want I have to paw this greasy petri dish. Who knows how many people have scratched their ass and ordered food before me. Not to mention the Haitians in south Florida where a blow job to them is like a handshake to the average American. So,What the hell. After ordering a sub I went to the check out line and asked for a pack of butts. There was a very nice gal behind the counter who then proceeded to ruin my day by asking me for my ID. ID, really I said. It is the store policy that everyone is asked for an ID when purchasing cigs I am told. I said honey, I am 53 years old did you see my gray hair? Sorry, she said, it is the store policy and I cannot sell you the cigs without producing an ID. My response was tell your manager to keep the sandwich and the cigs and that I will never be back. It is not your fault honey, but your store policy lacks sound common and business sense, have a nice day dear. This is how fucked up America has become. You do not need to show ID to vote in many states but you need an ID to buy a pack of cigs? Wawa you can kiss my ass! 

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Capt. Craig Furlong said...

Good move. I vote with my feet and wallet too.