Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sound Familiar People?


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Anonymous said...

And evil begat only evil... All eight why yes they sure are. Lets not forget to mention the little old fighting everything good and fostering evil across the globe for decades. Really boil their argument since the election has been nothing but " they are doing the things we have done and it is illegal for them to do that and they must be stopped" . Does not seem to be resonating as they think it should. We live in a dual reality, some of us live in true reality and embrace actual verifiable truth ,others embrace any and all evil they can muster while espousing the benefits of being invited to the feast of the devil and their pride in being the footstool for guilty pleasure.
It is easier to dismiss them as uneducated or misinformed than to admit that some of our fellow Americans are not fighting for a truly free Republic must be either converted or removed form our experiment for it to flourish ever again. the sadest part of this is they are us and our government