Monday, May 8, 2017

“Fake News,” War Propaganda Aims to Eliminate First Amendment, Control Media

The cleanup team for the Broadcasting Board of Governors is actively making their case for a repeal of the First Amendment to quash a free press.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), now under Ajit Pai, is also dramatically rolling back limits that capped the number of stations one corporation can control, enabling Sinclair Broadcast Group to buy Tribune Media Company and its 42 local TV stations for $3.9 billion, meaning more media consolidation and control by corporations. Even Late Night host Stephen Colbert is being investigated by the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) for his recent “cock holster” monologue joke.
What is not seen is that there is a legal basis for their goals and objectives which began long ago, and there is a purpose behind it, which may be to eliminate fact based decision making in favor of myths.
Those within the government supporting propaganda have actively been using the words “Fake News” to further those objectives and remove any negative news about themselves from the forefront.  Read More>>>

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