Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How We Should Deport Illegals


Sarthurk said...

With a boot in their asses. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

You always hear about the deported Mexicans being dropped off just inside the border in Mexico and the next day be in LA. I have an answer that also addresses the Mexican government's approval if not outright assistance to these invaders. We take several ships (large cargo, outfitted to carry people in very comfortable conditions so there are no cries of torture) We fill them up at Brownsville and then we have a Carnival Cruise to the northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula and we drop them off at Cancun. This solves several problems at once. These invaders are suddenly hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the US border. They will NOT be in LA the next day. AND the Mexican government will suddenly have to deal with several thousand of their invaders suddenly spoiling the party at one of the Mexican government's big money making operations. Talk about getting people's attention!

Stay deplorable my friends

MSG Grumpy