Sunday, December 11, 2016

Today's Thought

Fake news, fake news, fake news that is all we are hearing these days. Any alternative thoughts to the status quo is now being tagged as fake news. As the MSM grip on information is faltering, TPTB are getting very worried. We will all feel the encroaching threat of censorship in one form or another. Many of you are also pissed at the new threat of "White Supremacism" being sold as the new boogeyman. The Chief Nose Wetter pokes fun at all races and religions on this blog. I have always been an equal opportunity offender. So do not take some of my posts too seriously.

So today I am labeling myself as a "Freedom Supremacist".

III Percenters, Constitutionals, Libertarians, we will all now be known as Freedom Supremacists....spread the word.....

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