Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Spiritually Dead Gatekeepers Of Mainstream News

A new series of realities is on the way.
Centralized information-reality is on the way out.
It’s going to be thrills and chills.
Major newspapers are dying. The internet is crushing them. And yet, if the NY Times and the Washington Post and the LA Times wanted to resuscitate themselves, they could.
I’m not talking about one-day headlines. I’m talking about investigations that pound and pound on issues of corruption day after day, month after month.
For example, these issues:
* The Federal Reserve/a clandestine private corporation.
* Medically caused death.
* Toxic vaccines.
* Trillions of dollars of missing US government money.
* The power of the Trilateral Commission over US government policy.
* The covert implementation of the UN agenda of destruction in US communities.  Read More>>> 

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