Sunday, December 25, 2016

Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911 DOWNLOAD & RE UPLOAD


Anonymous said...

More Truther Fantasy, I have seen this and many other "covered up" videos, witnesses, investigative reports and more and more and more. Try going to any Libtard blog and you will find under the rocks, slimy sleazy "Truthers" who are convinced that 911 was an inside job done by the Israelis secret service and most actually believe that the towers were knocked down with nano-bots. And the reason that they go to such silly heights of fantasy? Because they have been told and shown authoritative YouTube videos (because we all know that if it is on You Tube it MUST be true) that steel does NOT melt from a fire caused by Jet fuel. Silly me I thought I saw another You Tube video showing how to make an aluminum smelter out of tin cans, a hair dryer and simple firewood. But those must be false, but everything on You Tube must be true, but those must be false so what is a good deranged Libtard supposed to do, when we MUST assign evil to Bush and Never to the Religion of Peace".

Since we all know that the thousands of terror attacks all over the world is actually committed by Mossad Agents and the world is tricked into thinking it was the "religion of Peace".

Merry Christmas to all, and may the Lord Bless your New Year.

That would be the Prince of Peace - Jesus of Nazareth - when I said "Lord", NOT the Moon god as worshiped by the followers of the deranged "prophet" muhammad - the murderous pedophile mad man that leads the "Religion of Peace". You know the one who healed people instead of cutting their heads off.

Anonymous said...

Opps, forgot to sign my name and give you some bonifides...

MSG Grumpy,

I do NOT think that Bush was our best President and do not defend him or his administration on those grounds, I don't even think that Reagan was our best President though I do believe he is in the top five. I served under both terms of Reagan, then the elder Bush and two terms under Slick Willie (the mental picture of that statement makes me gag) then two terms under Bush Jr and even served under obama, it is with this perspective that I see the events of 911. I understand that the size and scope of the conspiracy required for ANY of the demoncrat fantasies to be true would require a self defeating chain of events. I served in the military and absolutely understand the numbers of corrupt and therefore those who can be forced to comply and/or silenced, and those who are ambitious to the point that they not only would they be able to kill innocents in order to advance, but would in fact throw family and friends under the bus to do so. I am under no illusions that this world is good and righteous and that the US military is untarnished. BUT, I do know for a fact that there are sufficient numbers of men and women within the military at all ranks and positions that have chosen to put their own country above and beyond anything they might wish for themselves or fear from death or torture. I HAVE SERVED WITH SUCH HEROs!

Anyone who believes that a conspiracy that would by simple necessity involve hundreds of United States military men and women either through direct involvement or by knowing of such a treasonous act and failing to do everything in their power to stop or alert the nation to it is denying the reality of a self defeating proposition.

After spending time consuming the outright hatred of America that currently infests the demoncrat party and their own grassroots it is clear to see how such people warped by the presupposed ideas of America as the root of all evil in the world can imagine a military who would be capable of performing such a treasonous act against their own country and their own families. I have seen brave men and women sacrifice everything in order to serve God, Family and Country.

This is why they can dream their nano-bot dreams and wish that the evil that is America can be brought down with You Tube videos and Blogs filled with lunacy.

As a Patriot I pray that you don't wander down this road paved by the demoncrats, just go to one of their many blogs and drink deep the hate and paranoid self fulfilling conspiracies, they also love the Chem-trail fantasy, try mentioning it in any demoncrat cave and see what echos back.

MSG Grumpy

Vietvet said...

Hey, wasn't that Major Kong riding that digitally added, out-of focus, white blur of light?

; D

P.S. - Paranoia can destroy ya.