Sunday, November 27, 2016

Castro Profited from Communist Scam

Communism is a scam. The people work for peanuts in the name of "equality" and "social justice" while  leaders like Castro are billionaires and live high on the hog.  Sure, the people get free health care and indoctrination (education) but so what if you live in poverty in a police state? 

According to Nathaniel Weyl,  Ernesto Guevera and Fidel Castro were trained as Soviet agents. The "revolution" was largely funded and supplied by the Soviet Union. But they couldn't have succeeded without the complicity of the US, proof that the Cold War was an Illuminati charade. The Left's infatuation with Castro Communism is a symptom of mental retardation.  Read More>>>


Doom said...

Profit? You mean got ahead for a price not worth the cost. Amen.

Granny said...

I was 15 years old when Castro rolled into Havana. He routed Batista, a ruthless and cruel dictator wholly controlled by the mafia and U.S. Companies operating in Cuba. Prostitution, gambling, drugs and anything else they could make money from. He sealed his fate as a Commie, stinko Pig when he refused to do business as usual and nationalized the U.S. companies that had enjoyed slave wages and no unions for decades.
John Foster Dulles went apeshit over the very idea of some upstart little leader on what the U.S. Government virtually considered "Their Island."
Castro asked America for help and aid to get his country back in shape. Because he kept the American businesses, the CIA and the State Department had a huge hissy fit and virtually installed the first blockade on an island Nation.
The red necks in South Florida went nuts about Miami being taken over by the Cubans. "Would the last American out of Miami please bring the flag? (and turn out the lights.")
Miami was a collapsing wreck back then. A few flash hotels on Miami Beach, but the rest of the place was falling apart.
Meanwhile back at the revolution; Castro then asked Russia for help. Whether by default or design it caused over 50 years of game playing. The Cuban Missile crisis, attempts on Castro's life, The Bay of Pigs. Emptying the prisons of Cuba and sending them to the U.S. (That sent the suits running through the halls of power, screaming and pulling their hair.)
Shipping Havana cigars and tobacco up to Canada, then back to Tampa, Florida to be distributed to the world from there. Russia got all of the sugar and Bananas Cuba could produce in return for aid and Tech. help.
Right, wrong, or indifferent, that's what really happened boys and girls.
Fidel Castro was a unique person. Hopefully history will treat him kindly.

Anonymous said...

Castro was an agent of the Jesuits. Fidel Castro; Jesuit Puppet for 50 years
Here :
[snip] ~ " But some people might be unaware that its controversial former president, Fidel Castro – who celebrated his 90th birthday last week – was educated by the Jesuits. Fidel Castro wasn’t the best student. Known for being a troublemaker, he was taught in two other schools before being sent to study under the Jesuits – first in the city of Santiago, and then in the famed Colegio de Belen in the capital, Havana, where he met a mentor who influenced his attitude for life."
Check it out. No leader of ANY country is by/for/of the people in our lifetime.

Doom said...

Fuck Castro. No matter what it was, what he did is how he will be judged you fucking bot. History will be as kind to him as hell is.