Sunday, November 6, 2016

BOOM! Man That Caused Trump Rally Chaos Is Exposed As One of Hillary's ...


Anonymous said...

This is so surprizing?
Not to me. Just part of the libturds normal operations.
Nothing new here at all.

Anonymous said...

Comey just folded like the scared faggot he is...predictably. The Clinton Crime family has been exonerated and is as pure as the driven snow to continue their rape of America.

My take: "A smoke screen to cover the Wickileaks truth."

It worked, the politicos of both parties are relived. They can continue their lucrative lives unhindered while the American public goes down the shitter.

It's over folks. After 240 years of decent people struggling and even dying to create a individualistic paradise the Republic is on its deathbed.

Pray for that 50 mile wide asteroid to make the end painless!