Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Do Black African 'Refugees' Have To Do With Syria?

They are referred to as 'Syrian Refugees'…a monumental lie if ever there was one.  The FACT is we are being forced to feed and house more Somalians and other African blacks...than Syrians and others from the Mideast.  Why?  Why is Obama injecting the most uncivilized savages of all into the bloodstream of American life?  A program Hillary Clinton has pledged to increase by over 700 PERCENT.

The Somali - with an average IQ of only 65 - are among the truest of all black savages from Africa.  They are NOT 'political refugees'.  They are foot soldiers in the paid for, globalist invasion and destruction of America…and Europe…of all Western Caucasian Christian civilization.  Want to finish off America?  Vote Clinton.  Want these red-eyed devils killing, raping, robbing and terrorizing your neighborhood?  Vote Clinton.    Want them and their diseases in your schools with your children?  Vote Clinton.  Want to continue to let our insane MWO 'government' continue to use YOUR money to give them and their Middle East counterparts FREE food, housing, education, full health care, new cars and monthly cash?  Vote Clinton.  That is NOT an exaggeration by ANY MEASURE.   Read More>>> 

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