Friday, October 28, 2016

We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed to Fail... and Here's Why

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Anonymous said...

But please, please, please remember this....obamacare is NOT health care. It is INSURANCE. A form of payment for when you do need health CARE. You can always access the healthcare stream if you are willing to pay for it.
I know, I know, none of you are a wealthy trust fund babies. But, the idea is the same. You don't need obamacare for healthcare. Obamacare was only designed for those that don't get insurance from their jobs or have the moola to pay for an independent policy.
Yeah, I know, obamacare stealthfully eroded the private health insurances in the land.
obamacare forced all the insurance companies to offer the same type of insurance for all types of individuals. A typical progressive thought process; make everyone fit into a preconceived ideal that in reality NO ONE fits into!