Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Chief Nose Wetter Survives

Hurricane Matthew ended up being more hype than hurt after-all. The eye stayed offshore from Palm Beach County with just heavy winds and rain. Hell the power did not even go off. Slept through most of it after a few evening cocktails. Time to remove the duct tape.

Below is an image from a friend's house in Jacksonville. A shark was knocking on his door from the storm surge. The central coastal areas of Florida from Vero Beach up to Jacksonville had some serious storm surge damage and flooding I hear. I would of dropped a line.

Thank you for all your concerns. Well it is back to business as usual down here.


Devil Tongue said...

Yea Chief, we were lucky (I live in Polk County) but my SIL in NC got hammered pretty good. She can't find her car under the tree just outside her garage.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

Best wishes to everyone in the Carolinas. I know they got slammed.

Doom said...