Friday, September 2, 2016

Subjects and Serfs of the Lesser Gods (Part II)

Recently there has been a significant and recognizable displacement of the Khazarian Mafia’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) by the Internet’s Alternative Media:
The Internet’s Alternative News websites have become so popular they are now significantly displacing the Major Mass Media, which more and more of the American People are rejecting as biased and filled with lies supporting the Plutocrats and Oligarchs (the .00001) who are either in the KM or associated with it, help do its dirty work against the American people and are rewarded for their evil.
A recent survey by a respected source found that only about 6% of the American People have any respect at all for the Major Mass (Mainstream) Media, which is actually an illegal media monopoly comprised of six international media corporations run by six media moguls who answer to a large investment house on the vanguard of investment, which is controlled by the KM Top Chieftains    Read more>>.

1 comment:

Granny said...

Mainstream nooze outlets are vehicles for entertainment news (gossip). No hard content, nothing but sly tit shots and irrelevant twaddle; they have been compromised, duh.
The interweb has spun them out, but THEY will figure out a way to control, and make buck out of it.
Claiming compromise, hacking and other obfuscation maneuvers they will deny free speech and any other controlling methods that they can get away with.
We can scare the shit out of them by refusing to believe their crap.
Throw your Sabots into the machinery. Metaphorically speaking of course.