Saturday, September 17, 2016

Morning Rush Hour


Andy said...

More like "Morning Crush Hour"

Anonymous said...

The driver should have known not to slam on the brakes to avoid a squirrel.

PETA would like to announce: No squirrels were injured making this picture.

skybill said...

Hi Chief,
'DON't LAUGH!!! When yer drivin' 79,980 lbs. of "TRUCK"(On 3/4 tanks...full tanks would bust the 80,000 lb. no permit limit!!) one of those "Rollerskate cars will look like a well done beer can after I roll over it!!!! My Training Engineer had some idiot in a "Beer-can-body-nissan" pull in front of him at 60 MPH and hit the brakes.......wrong move GI!! Luckily the Idiot lived!!! God only protects Babies, Drunks and Stupid people driving little cars made of beer cans...."sometimes!!"
Got the Hammer Down!!!!!,

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, that reads "Silverado" on what's left of the "beer can". Not a slam on Chevy's, just a reminder that 70-80,000 pounds at highway speeds is nothing to be complacent about. Give those guys some space and show what I call "double courtesy" when passing, changing lanes, etc. when they are around.