Saturday, September 10, 2016

Joe Bonamassa - "Angel Of Mercy" - Live At The Greek Theatre


Scott Carmichael said...

Hey Man. Cool tunes. Been visiting here for prolly a couple years. Thought it was time to show some gratitude. While sipping from a giant plastic bottle, and chasing with a 12 oz. can, I looked for a link /e-mail address, to no avail. So,,,Thanx for the entertainment, pics, memes,
and correct political views. I also visit at least the top 20 on Your blog list daily, time permitting. Don`t know Your name, location, color,religion, age, education, marital status, non of the horse shit that don`t matter, and don`t care. Thanks for the entertainment, laughs,
and etc. All The best,
South Central Ohio

Chief Nose Wetter said...

Thanks for stopping by my little site. Save a little of that moonshine for me!

Phil said...

Motherfucker can play a geetar cain't he?

Anonymous said...

Damn, it brought back memories of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Great post!