Monday, September 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Started To Cough Violently In Cleveland, Ohio

Watch as she starts choking on all those lies....


Brad Percell said...

Would someone please do the world a great favor and put IT (and all of us) out of its well deserved misery!

What's it going to take to have this unbelievably chronic criminal finally locked-up? Hopefully, for the remainder of its corrupt, sickening existence.

Hitlerlly for Prison!

Phil said...

Stronger Together?
Fuck me, she sounds like she has wet pneumonia!
We still have two months for her to fall over in public and have to be carried off.

Toejam said...

She was just coughing up a "fur ball" caused by the feline creature grooming and licking constantly.

My cat, Garfield" does it all the time. Hillary's pussy is named Huma.

Dick said...

Another commenter said she was coughing up all the missing emails. Sounds right.