Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hawk throws snake at family eating lunch in Melbourne

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Sendarius said...

So many people seem surprised by this.

They obviously fail to realise just how aggressive and dangerous some Australian fauna can be.

Some years ago, I had an Australian Wedgetail Eagle throw an entire kangaroo at me as I drove across the Nullarbor to Adelaide.

Picked up as road kill from the side of the road, the eagle could not quite get fully airborne in time to avoid my car as I approached at 100+ kph, so it jettisoned the kangaroo carcass cargo at the last moment. Which I then had to swerve to avoid.

With something like nine of the world's top ten venomous snakes, and lots of other things that bite, sting, or simply eat you, the outdoors in Australia is not for the faint hearted.

Of course, INDOORS has red-back and funnel-web spiders; Australian Paralysis ticks; and giant centipedes; so it might be safer to simply not get off the plane.

Obviously I am joking - mostly.