Sunday, September 11, 2016

Crazy Eddie Dead at 68

Eddie Antar the owner of Crazy Eddie's is dead at the age of 68. Anyone living in NJ/NY in the 70's and 80's cannot forget his crazy commercials.


Toejam said...

I lived and worked in North New Jersey back in the day. I bought my Sony Walkman at a "Crazy Eddie" store in the late 80's. The price was good, but I had to fight my way out of the store because I didn't want to buy "an extended guarantee" that cost more for 1 year than the Walkman. I think he went to jail for fraud if I'm not mistaken. Still had and used the Walkman up till about 5 years ago.

Dick said...

Bought a car stereo from him at his Paramus location. Great price, and the darn thing ran and ran and never broke.
I never forgot his ads.