Saturday, August 20, 2016

George Soros using his billions to fund #BlackLivesMatter and the immigration push

The goal of the global elites is to erase borders by importing great masses of Third World people to take American jobs at slave wages in order to destroy the middle class and create crisis conditions that will have the people clamoring for strong government intervention.

Standing in the way of this goal is Middle and Southern middle class America — also called flyover country, or the Red States – which is mostly populated by a more independent and more self-reliant people than those populating urban centers and who also demand equitable reward for their labor and product. They are also people who, by large majorities, want a check on both legal and illegal immigration. This has made rural America ground zero for the globalists’ attacks.

Borders denote a certain culture, sovereignty, nationalism and a sense of individualism. A country’s people can be united for a common purpose when under attack, but a people forced together without a common purpose and with divided interests can be easily divided and enslaved.

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