Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Digital Detoxing

The Chief Nose Wetter is going on a digital detox for a few days. Unplugging, unwinding, and going to tip a few. Evening Epiphany- Maybe we can use that hole in Hillary's tongue for a future game of cornholing?


Anonymous said...

No! Please?

Lisa Lane said...

Awww, gonna miss your posts....Please come back soon!

Toejam said...

Maybe that syphilitic hole in her tongue was caused by the one-and-only time back in the 1960's she used Bill's "bent" tube-steak for a lollypop?

Have a nice vacation CFW! :)

Barbar Cat said...

Everyone needs to fall back and regroup.
Will watch for your return...don't be long.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching everyone go at the Hole in her Tongue thing, and I asked a devote Democrat who is pretty smart and his response was thus; Public arena, with lighting
from many sources and all
directions. It's 3/4rds of the
way back on an almost fully
illuminated tongue --- it's a
shadow... of something.

Note that on Hillary's left
shoulder is a grey "pill-bug."
Is it a pill-bug? No, a shadow
in the background. There's
another shadow in the upper
right background. And some
items are blurred by movement
(Hillary's hair).

Very hard to control these
things; that's what Photoshop
is for! At least I don't think
the photo's been Photoshopped
I think the jury is still out on it, I really wish it was a hole though.

Anonymous said...

Syph sore...sorry...not really...

Lisa Lane said...

Ok Chief...we miss you now...I have a great cleanse...just let me know and I will give you the recipe...; p Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to your return.

Rich said...

For cyrin' out loud, WHY depart on a nightmare image of Hillary?
Please, the next time you take a hiatus, leave something like this


or this


at the top of the page!!!