Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Democrats are out of the closet. There is no hiding it. Not one US flag on display at the DNC. Are we sure that they are attempting to elect a candidate for the Presidency of the UNITED STATES? WHERE HAVE ALL THE AMERICANS GONE? THEY ARE NOT AT THE DNC!

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Anonymous said...

My 85% rule applies. 85% of the American public consists of ignorant assholes. That statement will offend some people but rest assured if you are offended your in the 15%. America has slipped over the cliff and the sudden stop at the bottom that kills the country will be Hitlery's ascension to the throne!

Trump must become the next president!

The odds are slim but the cost of another 4 years of Obama being "the hand in the sock-puppet" for the fat-ankled, criminal, lying, corrupt babe will surely create moral and ethical bankruptcy for the country I love.