Friday, July 8, 2016

Hillary in a Race Against Time to Keep Bill's Having AIDS a Secret

Most of you have probably noticed during the Hillary Clinton campaign that Bill Clinton looks like some zombie or mummified corpse from some science fiction movie. He is clearly very ill and showing it.
The truth is, Bill Clinton exhibits all the physical symptoms and actions of a person who has advanced AIDS. His drastic weight loss, trembling hands at times, red blotches on his face, and inflamed nodules on his nose are sure signs of advanced AIDS.
In noticing these same symptoms in actor Charlie Sheen, I wrote an article stating that Sheen had AIDS and would announce it soon. The article was published some 3 weeks before Sheen publicly announced he had AIDS.
Like Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton has led a sexually promiscuous life for most of his existence, and his chances of contracting HIV from one of his sex partners is very high.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer person!

Well, there's no doubt Hillary's AIDs free. I don't think Bill and her ever had sex together and, although possible, one woman getting AIDs from another woman while "carpet munching" is negligible. So Hillary's off the hook.

grayjohn said...

He might finally get what he has deserved for the last 40 years.