Thursday, June 16, 2016



skybill said...

Hi Chief,
That's hilarious!!! What a "WIMP!!!!!" Shooting an "AR" style rifle is totally low key dude!! As for the loudness...and...idiot didn't have his ear muffs ("And probably safety glasses) on!!! If he wants some recoil, let him shoot a good old 12 ga. single shot Shotgun by any of many Manufacturers!!! If that doesn't knock his (pseudo d!(k)in the dirt I have a few more to add to the collection.....Try a good old Royal Enfield MK-IV "Jungle Carbine" in .303 cal.!!!!! and how about a good old Mosin Nagant!!
As for pistols, let's just start with the (by any Mfgr.) 1911-A1 in .45ACP!!! There are others including Dirty Harry's "Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day!!!" I believe it was a S&W .44 Magnum!!
Blue skyz,

extexanwannabee said...

Who the hell is that guy? Poster child for "Wusses 'R Us"? All of us owe it to quote this prick and slap his pussy face all over the web.

grayjohn said...

The typical progressive, leftist, megagina boy. He should e forced to have a sex change.

extexanwannabee said...

I'm going to 'borrow' the pic, Chief.