Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today's Tip

If you ever have to rent a car then you will need to know the following. If you have full coverage on your own vehicle (comp, collision) it is not necessary to take out the insurance coverage from the rental company. Your own policy will follow you automatically to the rental car. Rental car companies have been scamming the public forever with the added insurance. If you only have liability then you will need to take out the additional insurance to cover yourself. The rental reps will never explain this to you and should be whipped with a seat belt. Pricks.

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Anonymous said...

Your full coverage will likely pay for the repair of the vehicle, be careful of "out of service" charges. They'll charge you $$$ per day for the time the vehicle is out of commission and being repaired. This can quickly run to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Most car insurance won't pay for this.