Sunday, June 26, 2016

The problem with Scotland , Europe, and America

What I like about this video is it's similarity with what is happening in America and Europe. If you resist the planned future global plantation, breed out the indigenous European populations with porous borders and unchecked immigration. Fact or fiction?


Granny said...

Because of an overwhelming fear of uncontrolled borders, the Brits chose to throw out the baby with the bathwater. As one brave woman observed, "only the morons voted."
Now they see what damage they have unleashed, they want another bite of the cherry.
Typical, I recon we should go back to only property owners being able to vote. (That includes women who own a share of the country.) They have a vested interest in the outcome and have given some passing thought to what the reality of their actions is.
A very wise friend of mine once said, " I resent my vote being equal to a gas station attendant") I was appalled at the time, but now I realize he was spot on.

Jame4s N Q8 said...

Truer words have never been spoken!
Khadafy once stated that Europe would be conquered without firing a single shot or wielding a sword. That the sheer numbers of Muslim emigrants and their many offspring would overtake the indigenous population within a generation.
He Was Spot On! Look at Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France etc....etc....etc......
With our own "Home Grown" Ghetto Dwelling low life's breeding like cockroaches,
coupled with the never ending influx of South American Hispanics, we don't have long before we are in the same DEEP SHIT!