Monday, June 20, 2016

Kuntzman Update

Frickin' pussy


Almost Handy said...

He wouldn't make a good pimple on a truck driver's ass...

Sven said...

Keep 'em coming, I don't mind the tea shooting out my nose. This individual deserves as much scorn as can be heaped upon him!

grayjohn said...

Who is this ruptured hemorrhoid anyway? Sorry excuse for a human. Not even close to being a man.

Granny said...

The man surely has the message by now. His reaction will say a lot about him.
Because of the webnet the people have a voice, and can express themselves with serious messages, or humor. Freedom of speech at its finest.
When one of the 'bosses' makes a gaffe; we the proles have the right to hoot, jeer and scoff.
Sacking us only pisses us off more and leads to retaliation. duh
As I see it the present situation is the deluded leading/herding the deluded.
How to fix it? I haven't got a clue. It will fall to leaders far cleverer than I.
Pray that a hero emerges because the sky fairy knows we need one. Just beware of false prophets. We now know what they act like and aren't quite as naive as we used to be.
Null carorundum illegitimus.

Chris said...

The first 4 letters of his last name tells the story.