Friday, June 3, 2016

Give Roots The Boots

Is it me or is everyone sick of Roots? Another TV program created again to stir the racial pot. When will people see this crappy film for what it is? A social engineering prop to further the guilt complex on the Caucasian race for slavery and to promote racial hatred. Hell all whites were not responsible for slavery. Slavery was initiated by a small rich minority in this country back in its beginning. Actually slavery has existed throughout the ages that included almost all races. The Irish are a prime example. ( Not you Irish). When will Hollywood put out an Irish Roots? Never. A nation divided cannot survive and is subject to fall. I hope all blacks see this crap for what it really is....mind programming. Your enemies are not the white race but ignorance. Stop feeling sorry for your damn selves and killing each other. Knowledge is strength and ignorance is weakness. Freedom and individual liberty are universal, transcending race, color and creed. The wizards of Hollywood make their wands from the holly tree. Hence the name "Holly" "Wood". It is about time everyone freed their minds from it's fucking spell. Enjoy your weekend and give Roots the boots!

The Chief Nose Wetter


Unknown said...

What do you have against dopes killing each other?

Chris said...

Why is the bulk of crime committed by such a small minority of the population (13.2% based on 2014 Federal Census data)?
Could it be due to a perpetual welfare state, insignificance / absence of fathers,high illegitimate birthrates, lack of parental supervision, lack of ethics, low intellect, rampant drug use or living in poverty through multiple generations?
I have a theory that although many or all of these major woes affect this part of the population, they can be overcome with the application of some key things:
1. ALL – you always have a choice. Make up your mind, stand on your own two feet, get the hell out of the slums and break the cycle. Be your own man or woman, not an anachronism – slavery ended over 150 years ago.
2. Government and businesses- stop perpetuating poverty. Put people to work and pay them well enough to live decently. Seize substandard property from slum lords and tear it down. Do away with “Projects” and start programs where people build sweat equity by helping build their own houses.
3. Parents -get your own shit together FIRST,and stop being fall-down drunks and junkies before you have kids. Teach your children right from wrong and bust their ass when they are little enough for it to have an effect. Get involved and stop letting the government, schools and other people raise your children. Stop making more children than you can support.
4. Fathers – claim your kids and be responsible for them. If you make ’em, take care of ’em.
5. Mothers – get off your lazy ass and work. That’s why day cares exist.
6. Young men and women – stop killing each other. Get jobs and be useful members of society.
The same problems exist for whites, but we do not see the numbers of violent crimes committed by whites. However, most whites lack the overdeveloped sense of entitlement that some blacks have, who are trained from birth to put their hand out and someone will fill it with no effort expended on their part. Whites are also not a protected population, do not qualify for many things that blacks do, and receive no benefits from Affirmative Action. So what’s the problem? Grow up, step up, shut the fuck up and be of some use.

grayjohn said...

Tossed Hollywood out of my life about a decade ago. Haven't missed a damned thing.