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Thursday, June 30, 2016

You Bet Your Ass

Morning Commute


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To Those Who Wish To Crush Our Freedom

All The Way

The Next Transgender Psyop

Prediction: When Obama leaves office Michael will be revealed to the country. The next transgender psyop on the American people. Stay tuned....

That Day Has Arrived

Big Ole Jet Airliner

For The Captain

Entitlement Frog & Society

Morning Mesmerizer

"Hump Day" Turkish Style

One Only One

Do you hear that Generation Snowflake?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The problem with Scotland , Europe, and America

What I like about this video is it's similarity with what is happening in America and Europe. If you resist the planned future global plantation, breed out the indigenous European populations with porous borders and unchecked immigration. Fact or fiction?

200 Musicians Sign For Gun Control

Fuck em all I say....

Late Night Strangeness

This Just In

Unchecked Immigration Continues

Nuff Said

But black labs matter......

Brexit, Goals and Ops of The Deep State

We have to start with Brexit, which scored a victory last night. Britain leaves the EU. Bang. Other European countries are ready to put the same referendum up for vote. And George Soros is making money from having invested in gold earlier in the month. Naturally. The vulture never sleeps.
Speaking of money making money, the “hysterical aftershocks” in trading markets, right after the Brexit victory was projected, are all synthetic and artificial manipulations, laid on to prove a point: see what happens when a country defects from the New Order? Meanwhile, the people who had real jobs yesterday still have them today. Life goes on. Britain will still be able to engage in trade with other countries, despite Obama’s warning that they’ll have to stand in the back of the line to make deals with the US. Nonsense. Blather. Obama is failing in his job as front man for Rockefeller Globalists. If he can’t get Senate ratification on the TPP and the TTIP deals now, he’ll be the CFR’s failure of the decade. Hillary, who came out against Brexit, is looking like a clown with egg on her face.

A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush


From The Bruce Jenner Collection

Asian Studies

Morning Hayhem

Saturday, June 25, 2016

WATCH as compound in Cannabis oil (THC) kills cancer cells while leaving...

NJ State Fair Chimp Out

Bernie Worrell and The Chief Nose Wetter

The Chief Nose Wetter was sad to hear of the passing of Bernie Worrell. Old Bernie was a master keyboard player who performed with Parliament/Funkadelic and also the Talking Heads. I used to drink with Bernie at a central Jersey tavern for many years in the 80s and 90s. At the time Bernie was living in Plainfield NJ and loved to tip a few. He would enter the bar dressed like Superfly or Shaft not giving a fuck about anything. This tavern was full of local blue collar white boys drinking and carrying on. Bernie would just slide up into the bar not giving a fuck about race or color and join in with the locals. He was usually the only black man in the tavern but that did not phase him one bit. We would bust his balls about his choice of wardrobe while buying each other drinks and he would give it back. I would tell him how much Parliament/Funkadelic gave me a fucking headache and he would laugh it off. I also gave him the nickname of being the Jersey "Huggy Bear". I asked him when Starsky and Hutch were going to pull up to the bar in their 74 Ford Torino. He played keyboards on Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads.

R.I.P Bernie

I raise my glass to you Bernie for one final time!

And Parliament/Funkadelic still gives me a fucking headache.

You've Gotta Love Millennials - Micah Tyler

Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Maj. William Podgorski Dies Suddenly

Connecticut State Police Maj. William Podgorski, one of the lead investigator in the Sandy Hook shooting investigation, died earlier this week. Podgorski, 49, died on Monday following a brief illness and surgery.

Something stinks HERE

Some Saturday Help

If I Was President

I'll Have a Scotch...Check That...Tequila

Saturday Warm Up

Easy Way to Remove Tree Stumps

4 Pieces of the Orlando Shooting Narrative that Don’t Add Up

The truth does indeed matter in a time of universal deceit. When events as tragic and momentous as public massacre and terrorism occur in our open societies, we are immediately expected to acquiesce to public policy changes and new laws. To base such important decisions on phony, incomplete or biased interpretations of events is dangerous.
In order to properly honor victims and those most affected by tragedies as these, true justice and culpability should be the objective, not the advancement of pre-set political agendas such as the expansion of war, increased domestic surveillance, expansion of the police state, government watch-lists, and gun control.
In cases of mass shootings, once an acceptable enough story of events is established, the conversation is hastily directed onto gun control, and any subsequent investigation and forthcoming evidence becomes irrelevant to the advancement of this agenda. The whole truth is never really known or completely understood, thus no meaningful solution can be duly vetted, which is why so many people are questioning official stories about events like these.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The King’s Men

I see that the United States Supreme Court has now granted more leeway for cops to stop people on the street and harass them without any reason at all.  It looks like that paragon of righteousness, Clarence Thomas, was all for it. I hope he chokes on a pubic hair.
I’m not sure this will make much difference except for the State to get more convictions. Cops have pretty much been doing this anyway, including their fishing expeditions of random roadblocks while feeding us any bullshit story they want in order to justify it. I suppose this means they no longer have to give us any reason at all for these random stops.  But all this should be expected when the cops can consistently get away with killing people with their hands up while on video.

Cat Fu

Audio Dump