Friday, May 20, 2016

Why in the Hell Can't We Pump Our Own Gas in Jersey?


Steve said...

Can't pump it yourself in Oregon either. One of the stupidest laws ever.

Anonymous said...

If you throw 'em a buck tip and repeat it at your local station you'll find New Jersey Professional gas pumpers can become your friends. I lived in NJ for over 50 years and didn't find it a problem.

Now I'm living in North Carolina where you can pump your own gas (Don't bother me. Gives me a chance to exit my vehicle and blow some farts) and talk on the cellphone wile driving. I never thought I'd say it but give me Jersey drivers any day. Signals & speed limits are mostly ignored here. But on the plus side horn-blowing doesn't exist either.

Rabid Liberalism in NJ, however has insured I'm not headed back to the Garden State any time soon or ever.

Kirk said...

Steve, you notice that gas in Oregon is cheaper than in Washington where they have self serve