Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'Transgender' Bathrooms & Jurisdiction

The criminal impostor in the White House told voters in 2008 he was going to 'fundamentally transform' this country. How the foolish and deceived not only believed him, they thought it was a good idea! Since then we've seen nothing but one morally bankrupt action by that homosexual deviant ever since.
Of course, Barry Soetoro aka Obama, has been vocally supported by the equally morally bankrupt in the Outlaw Congress as well as cheerleaders - notably from the sewer called Hollywood - supporting this new 'civil right' called transgenderism.
Bruce Jenner really got the ball rolling when he 'came out' and declared he's a woman. A couple of bags sewn into his chest, some lipstick and claims he is now a woman. Why, the amount of publicity given to his proclamation of 'gender identity' one would think he found the cure for cancer! According to reports, he (not she) still hasn't gone 'all the way'. Translated he still has male plumbing.

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