Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Good Old Days


Leigh said...

What about those of us that still own cars that need two keys?

Whitehall, NY

taminator013 said...

Yeah, I'm that old. I still have a set of keys for the '65 Mustang that I bought back in 1970 and the ignition key has a pony on it, but the other key doesn't. I also have a little license plate on the key ring that the Disabled American Veterans used to send to you. If you lost your keys and someone found them, they could just drop them in the mail and the Post Office would return them to you. Good idea in theory, but then if the finder wanted to steal your car he knew which one it was by the plate number. I wonder if anyone else remembers the little plates.............................

Granny said...

Who remembers when you could actually work on your car?

Phil said...

I still have those two GM keys and I worked on new cars for 10 years until they went insane with the electronic goodies.
I can still work on my 32 year old El Camino and my 52 year old Sprite.

Fuck those new cars.
Nobody needs all the crap they put on them now.

I would bet money that if someone would come out with a no frills basic transportation vehicle that it would make them a profit.
Something like a basic, small station wagon grocery getter.

Anonymous said...