Sunday, May 8, 2016

People Just Want To Be Slaves

We are not only becoming techno zombies in this society, but now, people are lining up willingly to pay $200 to get their own shock collar bracelet that will help them “retrain” their behaviors with a few (hundred) painful zap treatments (oh, and mild vibrations). It’s even actually called the The Pavlok, named after you guessed it, Ivan Pavlov, the Russian physiologist who came up with Pavlovian conditioning.
The aversion (shock) will program a person to avoid whatever bad habit they are being trained against, and the company claims it works in five days or less to “delete temptation” by associating a zap with a person’s bad habit, training their brain to dislike said habit. No, they don’t know what the long-term effects to wearing the Pavlok are, but the local news station below calls it “340 Volts of Wearable Willpower”.

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