Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Veterans Group’s USS Liberty Billboard on I-95 in Connecticut Causes Jewish Outrage

A new billboard about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty is causing some serious whining amongst jewish groups. The billboard is along traffic-filled I-95 in Connecticut, which is actually named the Jewish War Veterans Memorial Highway. The billboard asks for help for USS Liberty veterans attacked by Israel.
The story is still that Israel did not know the Liberty was a US ship when they were slaughtering the sailors, no matter how much evidence has come out to the contrary. So even though the billboard is stating something that is completely factual, jews are throwing a hissy-fit regarding “anti-Semitism” and “conspiracy theories”. Max Buxbaum, a New York lawyer, is one of jews who has been complaining about having to witness such horrid hatred while driving:

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Chris Mallory said...

It is disgusting when you see so called "conservatives" attack American service members who have dared to tell the truth about this cowardly attack upon Americans by the terrorists in Tel Aviv. I wish they would spend half the effort on the USS Liberty attack as they have spent on Benghazi.