Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Susie Sushi

Hell I don't know. Go to Japan and figure this shit out.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here folks. Just some Japanese medical students attending a "hands-on" class in "practical proctology".

Butt, Butt, Butt,

Then again this brings a whole new meaning to the term: "Glory Hole"!

Doom said...

I decided long ago, no eating out. Definitely never a rear tongue driver. Never really could understand how desperate or off a man would have to be to go there. I went front view sashimi out of curiosity. Not worth the price of admission, and if she needs to be happy, I have a much better tool. I suppose if you are a pencil dick you have to do something.

Though, that book from the earlier post? I MIGHT have read that on a train or bus, just to... you know... cause a stir. Might even have said something like... "Ah! That's what I was doing wrong!", just to watch necks snap. When I was younger, done with most such foolishness, if I have some mighty fine memories. Make sure to make eye contact with anyone still looking, in shock, when you look up after saying something like that. Eyeball to eyeball. Life is entertaining if you just practice a bit.