Sunday, April 10, 2016

South Florida Fishing Frenzy

Yesterday was a good fishing trip out of Sailfish Marina in Palm Beach FL. We set out at 7am on a charter trip for sailfish. The day started hot and heavy with 3 sailfish caught between 40-50 lbs. We also boated several Kingfish and Mahi. The day was spent kite fishing with goggle eye live bait hung from kites at a slow troll. During the day we went through 3 dozen of the goggle eyes while the bite was hot and heavy. Captain Greg and his mate Luke of the DirtyFin were capable and great to fish with. I would highly recommend this boat if anyone is interested in fishing out of the Palm Beach area. 

Goggle eye bait fish:

These little critters are like crack cocaine to sailfish.

The mechanics of kite fishing above. Kites are used to eliminate the fishing line in the water. Sailfish are very keen on detecting line in the water. The kite approach minimizes line in the water while only presenting the bait.

Sailfish are a protected species down here in Florida with catch and release only. You are not even allowed to bring these fish out of the water.

Well, the Mahi Mahi are another story.

Blackened to perfection!

May your lines be wet and your rods bent my friends!


taminator013 said...

I am envious. The cabin fever is taking its toll, but trout season starts in six days. I hope to be able to be on the water a few days after...................

Tony Tsquared said...

I grew up 40 miles from 2-Way Fish Camp in Darien Ga. We had a 32 Cobia that dad would take out 3 out 4 weekends from April to October every year. I miss fishing for Kings, Jacks, and Mahi-Mahi. Thanks for the report and making me jealous.

Lisa Lane said...

I have been fishing in the Sea of was an interesting experience....your photo's and the descriptor(Kite Fishing)looks much more the thing to do.