Sunday, April 10, 2016


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Doom said...

If you stop, just a damned second, and thing about it, it does make sense.

If the population... and we will make it static as proportions are that way... of, say, 200 million employable adults exist, 100 million of whom choose not to work but instead stay at home to raise a family, then the labor market is limited to 100 million. With that as a limit, then only so many people in the labor market means a better price per unit... higher wages per person.

Now, feminize things, add another 50 to 100 million into the labor market, or more, and what happens to wages? Right, they go down. Further, those wages do not create new expenditures. What? I mean, those people were already spending for clothes, housing, and all else. So, while they lower wages, they don't create a new economic demand that would balance out demand for more work. Their demand for new goods remains relatively constant.

Feminism has always been a form of socialism, and socialism has always been a means of stealing from the rich (more so as it moves to communism) though just as much from the middle class, actually eliminating that class. Socialism is aimed at communism, which is slavery. It absolutely makes sense. Remember this, if your mother worked, on Mother's day. Heck, why not combine May day and Mother's day... you'll have to do your own homework on that. Heck, toss in Earth day, which, again, you will have to do your own homework regarding. Yes, it makes sense, and the dots do connect. *wink*