Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We All Have The U.S. Blues

Some late night thoughts on the election campaigning. Donald Trump is saying things most Americans like to hear which is a welcomed change from all the bullshit rhetoric by past politicians. So what is the game? Is America ready for a dictator? Watching Trump is like watching Hulk Hogan. I am waiting for him to rip his shirt off one night. I bet he does a comb over on his hairy nipples too. Will Trump restore our Constitutional Republic if elected or rule through executive action? He is part of the political establishment and good friends with the Clintons. He is buddy buddy with Wall St. and a part of the elite class in this country. The picture above is worth a 1000 words. The way the Chief Nose Wetter sees it is that we have no legitimate choice through the political process. I am still waiting to see if Trump goes Independent and splits the Republican vote like Ross Perot did in 92 and 96. This would ensure a victory for Clinton who is the preferred puppet Prez by the 1% and the globalists. The "Clinton body count" reveals much if anyone wants to research it. So what do we have - Trump the dictator, Clinton the Killer, Rubio the gay bath house rumpster, Sanders the communist Jew, or Cruz the Texas clown. We really have no choice especially with Diebold counting the votes. Remember...we all have the U.S. Blues!


Toejam said...

I lived in a Socialist country for a few years. I learned there's no such thing as free healthcare, free college and free welfare. They all come with a hefty price in the form of huge taxation and the loss of individual liberties. 23&1/2% V.A.T. (sales tax) and 38+% income tax. In a Socialist country all entrepreneurship is stifled because if you don't work you get all the welfare, healthcare and freebees the few taxpayers are busting their butts to pay for. The police decide you mutters anything "harmful" and it's off to court and the slammer. I'm voting for Mr. Trump. He's the only NON-member of the Washington D.C. political Society in either party. At my age (73) I'm using the common sense I've honed over 7 decades. I may be proven wrong, but that's the chance I and many like me are willing to take. Yea, and I voted for Goldwater in 1964 too!

Anonymous said...

You may well be proven wrong and even at 73, live long enough to see it.