Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wakey Wakey! People of the World!

Hello ordinary people of the world! How are you? Are you awake? Are you watching what's going on on your planet? Or have you given up already? It's actually very important to stay alert to global events, and we don't just mean taking note of what Western political talking heads say. We mean taking careful note of what's actually happening in the world, and noticing when what happens appears to directly contradict what your political leaders say

Specifically today, we'd like to know if any of you have noticed that the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria has been liberated by the Syrian army. And if you have noticed, do you understand what it means? 

You may recall hearing that ISIS had taken control of Palmyra last year, and of the significant fears that the jihadis might destroy much of the impressive Roman ruins there. As part of the West's "Christian" historical heritage, you might have thought that the threat of a gang of extremist Muslims destroying those ruins would provide lots of motivation for Western governments to move in to rout the infidels and protect the city.


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