Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tonight's History Lesson

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Doom said...

In the final quote, Cicero might have had it right. What he failed to note was that a man, or other, may not always have the luxury to choose of which category he belongs. I have been, through no fault of my own, forced to be of the meaner of those. Further, I have, after a fashion, learned to chooser the better of those... but only when that is available. Knowing when those choices aren't available is why I yet live. I really despise men who preach from gilded shelters that most cannot use in their defense. Shove his ass out of his wealth and into the shit of the street, with no friends of means to save him, then see what he has to say.

And they wonder why we barbarians have destroyed their wonderful civilizations. When it becomes who you are, and know, not your merits, you will soon get what you deserve.