Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Old Brewery Post

The header picture of the defunct brewery is in Newark, NJ. I should of known Irish would identify it in a heartbeat. Imagine that, an Irishman identifying a damn brewery! The building is located on S Orange Ave and Grove Street in the Vailsburg section of Newark. The area is on the border of Irvington to the south and S Orange to the west. It is an area of Newark that has seen better days and is a shit hole now. Back in the day it was predominantly Jewish and Italian. It operated as the Hoffman Ginger Ale company until 1945 when it became the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery. It is now long gone having been razed many years ago. Everyone who has driven the Garden State Parkway could see it clearly around the Rt 280 interchange. My uncle was a cop in the town of Orange NJ back in the day which was a town over from Newark. The brewery provided all LEOs with free beer daily. You drove into the plant and there were taps for all the cops to drink as much as they wanted. What a perk, today's fresh beer. I was a little kid then but was told the freshness of the beer was outstanding. Try that today and DHS would be called by scared Libs. Men were men back then. Worked hard, drank hard and took care of business. Actually the removal of the beer bottle tower could symbolize the end of an era for NJ and our country. Maybe an image of Obama Boy should be erected in it's place? Turn young men feminine...conquer a nation? Anyone who can still turn a wrench please raise their hand. You are the ones I want to drink with!

The Chief Nose Wetter


Anonymous said...

Nice piece on the Brewery. as a long time Bergen County resident and a police officer in one of the towns I enjoy your blog immensely. Back in the day (1960's) my friends and I use to frequent a watering-hole/meat factory place called: Dudleys in, I believe east ot=r west Orange. It was a deconsecrated church and the house band was called the "5 Shades", later the "Chatters". That whole area was great 60 years ago. Now it's a Democrat billboard for their failed socialist party-line.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

Toejam- I am a former 50 year resident of Jersey having lived in Middlesex County. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog. I get a kick out of your comments!